The recommended way to install the components of the mac platform is using ghcup to install ghc and cabal-install.

ghcup is an installer for the general purpose language Haskell

Open a terminal and execute the following command to install ghcup

curl -sSf | sh

Press ENTER -> ENTER -> type YES and ENTER to accept the prompts in terminal.

From ghcup README

# prepare your environment
. "$HOME/.ghcup/env"

You should now be able to execute cabal and ghcup into your terminal.

To make sure that the environment variables are setup on new terminal windows.

echo '. $HOME/.ghcup/env' >> "$HOME/.bashrc"


echo '. $HOME/.ghcup/env' >> "$HOME/.zshrc"

Follow the instruction on to install stack.

If you have homebrew…

brew install haskell-stack